Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's here!

Ode to Allan Knight and their amazing acrylic cocktail tables!
I can't tell you what a difference this table made in the room.
I'm screaming for a pair of side tables and!
Up close and personal with my awesome little attendants
by Katie Ridder and the complementing green and white by Raoul!
My sofa and pillows arrived last week and I am thrilled. The best compliment I received was from the delivery guy who said, "This sofa goes nicely with your rug." Little did he know that the blood, sweat, and major heart palpitations that went into making it go "nicely with the rug" was the point! 

Going back to the rug...I started with the rug because I fell in LOVE with it (oh and somewhere in the back of my head I heard Jeffrey Bilhuber saying start with the walls and carpet and move inward)! I think most of decorating should be gut reactions, especially when you are spending a pretty penny.

And for the pillows...I can't tell you how many color schemes I had going on for so long with pillow fabrics, but when I saw the Attendants by Katie Ridder I was smitten. I thought the green and white Raoul fabric complemented them and in my humble, novice opinion you just can't go wrong with ANY Raoul fabric.  By the way, I am really into PILLOWS.  I think they can make a drab room fabulous with little investment, plus you can change them out with the seasons, for special events, or when you want a fresh look.

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