Sunday, January 16, 2011

Making decisions...

One of many inspirations for this blog was my love affair with textiles. I can't seem get enough of fabrics, hence I am always on a quest to learn about new textile designers and smaller lines.  This is obviously not a good habit when it is necessary to decorate your own home, especially when the year anniversary is only a few months away and nothing has been completed. Along with the blog, I forced myself to pull the trigger after we returned from our holiday vacation (my house is piled high in fabrics and I had so many variations it was hard to keep count)! Here is my final storyboard for our family room. Stay posted for the final product in a month or two.

Family room. The best part is that once those deposits are down you are stuck
or I am at least telling myself I am stuck
(Yes, I have a Plan B - Ebay or upstairs in the guest room,
although the guest room is already pretty full of castaways...)

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