Monday, January 10, 2011

Taking Action!

I dedicate this first post to my mom and sisters
who constantly inspire and challenge :) me.
Welcome to my first of many posts. I am so excited to join the world of blogging and actually more excited about taking the first action step on my list of goals for 2011. I took "early retirement" at the age of 31 to pursue my dreams and passions and have been talking up a storm to friends, family, and even strangers about my love of design and different ways I want to get involved, but it all stopped at the talk. My husband has been my biggest supporter and encourages me daily to take action and go for it! SO (big inhale), here I am to announce to the world (or my immediate friends and family) that I did it!

I truly have a passion for all things fabulous, beautiful, chic, and unique. Growing up as the youngest of three sisters one can only imagine the conversations centered around beautiful things...(sorry to our dad and husbands!) We are constantly sharing our finds with each other through phone calls, emails, and texts and now with you. 

Sit back, enjoy, share, and join me on this journey. I look forward to embracing life and learning new things each day in 2011. Cheers!

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