Sunday, March 6, 2011

Decorate Your Desk

Recently, I have discovered etsy and some really great finds. I purchased my Keep Calm and Carry On poster and these awesome pencils are next on my list. They would be a fun little gift to a friend or great addition to any desk.

You can purchase an assorted pack or pick your favorite phrases. They all make me smile! Click here to go to their site

Catchy Phrases: Stay Classy, Awesome, Create Happiness, Adventure Awaits, Explore. Dream. Discover, Oh Happy Day, Create Happiness, It's Mind Bottling, You Cheapen Me, Stay Classy, Son of a bee sting!, I'm Kind of a Big Deal, That's What She Said, Neon, This has been in my ear, Primary colors, Better Together, Pastel Colors, Happily Ever After, All you need is love...., Love is all you need

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