Thursday, October 20, 2011

another fabulous wallpaper...and a cute nephew!

It officially feels like Fall - so I need to get back to work on blogging. But serioulsy, who wouldn't be distracted if you could hang out with this kid everyday! My sister and her son just moved less than a mile from me, which is the best, though not so good for the home work enviroment as I always find an excuse to walk or bike over!

I wish I had the before and after of this dining room, which is still a work in progress. But don't you just love this fun wallpaper! The chairs are also new -- I need to get pics of the different fabric ideas for the seats and maybe you can help us decide which direction to go! I have had my favorite for a long time, but when your client is your sister and the whole family is weighing in things take a lot longer :)


  1. Kerri- G is adorable and so big now! What a handsome guy. LOVE that wallpaper. The design element of the dining chairs is gorgeous. Maybe covered in something fun from Quadrille or Lulu DK? Those are always my go-to picks.

  2. Hi Kerri, the room and the wallpaper look fabulous! Hey, I have a question, would you email me @ Thanks!! Janell

  3. Your nephew is so cute. Love the wallpaper and chairs too. Did you decide on a fabric. I ordered chairs last week and need to figure out fabric as well.... Hope you are doing well.