Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm back and not sure where to begin!

I'm back and armored with LOTS of pictures and not sure where to begin!!! First a shout out to two new sites I love - Christina Murphy, a new york designer whose portfolio is AMAZING and next to a great new blog: Below I will share some highlights from both sites, plus some other favorites that I just can't resist sharing! (Sorry for jumping all over the place, but it's been a long time :)

Have I told you yet that I am obsessed with wallpaper! My heart is literally palpitating right now because I WANT to wallpaper my WHOLE house and I just get so excited about dreaming of which paper to put where. So this is my latest obsession....Clarence House...The Vase!
Courtesy of Paper City Dallas

via Ruthie Sommers
 Love this kitchen: simple, refreshing, with a splash of sunshine!
(ABG - thoughts? Does this inspire you?)
via Little Green Notebook

On to my next OBSESSION...Headboards! 
Christina Murphy did some clean, but fun shapes in the below pictures.

Suzanne Kasler's designed this fun girl's bedroom. I love the headboard's wavy top in a contrasting color. (Red and pink are not may favorite colors, but think the headboard design is awesome and the room works great together.) Suzanne has a new book out that is worthy of adding to your collection.

Love this side table...comes in fabulous colors. It's from Oomph.
Someone out there that I know, please paint a room this color and make it high gloss!!!! I think the room needs jewel tone accents, but the walls are GORGEOUS!

via Christina Murphy
Walls and crown molding all painted the same color is one of my favorite looks! I also really love the mirrors...anyone know who makes those? 

Okay last but not least...i think i found my dining room chandelier, until a fancier one is in the budget...thank you Ballard!

via Aesthetic Oiseau. Room by Ramey Caulkins

 Similar look, but a bit steeper in price.
Meg Braff
 P.S. Love these chairs in the above picture and check them out below in black.

John Loecke/Jason Oliver Nixon via Aesthic Oiseau.

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