Saturday, April 9, 2011

Roundtop, Texas!

What an amazing experience it was to head to Roundtop, Texas for the opening of the Marburger Farm Antique Show. There were fabulous finds, great prices, and even better people watching! This show takes place each September and March and worth the fun trip.

Excited about my new blue and white charger! I bought a pair and planned to hang them on my green lacquered dining room walls until my husband VETOED any plates from hanging on walls in our home. So I was forced to go to Plan B...a picture dish on the cocktail table. I saw this idea on the Nate Berkus show and fell in love with the idea of putting out a random assortment of new and old pics. Every time I walk by I's also a great conversation starter for guests!

Yes, they are quirky! Look closer and you will see elephant heads on each corner. This was my first purchase at the show and I am so proud of myself for buying them so quickly (I'm not an impulse shopper). A few months back I saw an elephant head console in a House Beautiful article by Ruthie Sommers. I have been lusting for that console since, so when I saw this pair of elephant ottoman's I jumped on them. Sadly, I am gifting them to my sister, but I will visit them often. Add a ticking and possibly white paint, they will always tell a fun story!

Next show...I am bringing home a Starburst mirror!
This belongs in my bedroom...Why did I leave it there hanging?!

This chandelier was screaming my was from a home in Palm Beach and I wanted it SO SO SO badly, but my mother insisted the scale was off. I am still mourning.

Super cool for a boys bedroom. A map from an old classroom. Add an acrylic frame and it would look awesome! I have this dealer's name if you are interested in this idea.

P.S. I love my mom's dining room and her collection of plates on display and on the walls! Maybe a little more arm twisting and I can get those charges up!


  1. honored to have our dining room on your fabulous blog!!!

  2. Maybe I should make a trip out to Texas for the September show?! : ) Love all your finds. xox